This is a diary of the adventures of two zebra finches, with some other miscellaneous information about the escapades of their companion and ghost writer.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wheels for the Cage Part

Due to clever design, the top part of the Darryl/Stanley mansion is removable, leaving the bottom part, with the TV, in position, and the top part--the cage--separate for transporting.

When removed, the top part is fitted with wheels so the light but bulky house can be easily moved into a van for transport to an alternate friendly residence when the Birds' ghost writer is travelling.

The wheels are simply inserted into the pipes at the bottom of the cage portion and kept from falling out by that screw which you can see, which is removed and re-inserted--through the pipe--when the wheel is in place.

The complete mansion assembly has wheels, too, to facilitate cleaning the piles of seed husks and nesting material--and the odd feather--which they throw out of their cage and onto the floor of the living room.

Darryl's and Stanley's New Privacy Screen

Instead of abandoning the living room to Darryl and Stanley in the evening. I've decided to modify their home so that I can watch TV while they are asleep. I've added a roller shade to their cage to be pulled down so my movements and the lights at night won't bother their beauty sleep. (You can see here that they were watching cartoons--or listening to them.)

Another new development is my attempt to get another companion for me and for them. If I can get the finch breeder to respond to my e-mail and telephone calls, I'll arrange for their cage-mate--if one is available.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Darryl at His Cutest

Here is Darryl posing for a stock shot to be sent to the photo agencies.

Darryl Ponders Some Millet



That is Stanley on the left, Darryl on the right.

Flying Finch

That is Darryl flying while Stanley is observing his style and technique.

Darryl's Fine Feathers

Darryl is preparing to munch on some millet.