This is a diary of the adventures of two zebra finches, with some other miscellaneous information about the escapades of their companion and ghost writer.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Etsy Sales

I sold another photo on the Etsy site:

to someone with very good taste in Virginia, and I will be delivering one of the same image--but a larger print--to someone in Ontario. It is one of my most beautiful images, if I may say so myself.

Nesting Containers

I have a hollow ceramic sphere, which has various holes in it, which I thought would give the birds a place in which to build a nest. I hung it from the top of the cage and, while Daryl was indifferent to it, Darryl went berserk flying around the cage like a maniac and staying as far away from the sphere as possible. After about 15 minutes I had to remove it lest Darryl crash into something in his efforts to avoid that strange object.

I found another--more natural--container shown above which I could attach to the outside of the cage over one of the many door locations, after having removed the door, but Darryl was having none of it. As I held it in position over the door location to see how it would fit, he went into another fit of flying about like a crazed bird. Scratch that idea.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nest Architecture

For the past several days, the birds have been trying to build a nest, I think. Daryl has tried to start the construction with the remains of a spray of millet, a stem which he finally managed to wedge into the side of the cage at the top corner.

To help him in his architectural quest, I put into the cage a tray of cut pieces of stems from an old physalis plant all of which I found on the floor after a few hours. Daryl was apparently unable to get them to lodge into the place which he had intended for them.

Now I am wondering how I can help him to progress in the construction of a nest.

A Brief Message From Our Sponsor

This is a link to my site on Etsy where I sell photos, and where you can see a larger photo of Daryl And Darryl.


I tried on this transport cage to see how it might feel to the birds, and found that it is a bit small for me. They might feel quite comfortable in it, however, at least for the short trip home

Cage Architecture

This is the first cage I made for transporting the birds, but I decided that it was too small, so I made another like this one which is a perfect white cube.


I hate the fact that Daryl and Darryl have to live in a cage. For birds which might live in an area of several square miles, a cage seems more like a prison. These guys, however, were born in captivity, and I am hoping that they will be happy in the rather commodious digs which I have made for them.


I met Daryl and Darryl in early November, 2009, in a huge fairgrounds building where there was a show of various types of finches. (They are Zebra finches.)

Luke had brought a cage with four finches for me to choose from, and, as luck would have it, I brought a cage in which to transport them.
This is the blog of Daryl and Darryl as ghost-written by Strauski, their roommate.