This is a diary of the adventures of two zebra finches, with some other miscellaneous information about the escapades of their companion and ghost writer.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Added Some Baffles to Darryl's House

Now that we are nearing the first day of summer, and the sun is coming around further west before it sets--and now that the air conditioning is on--I had to add some baffles to the outside of Darryl's house to block any drafts from the vent above him, and to give him some shade in the late afternoon. At that time, though, I can place his bath in sunlight and he gets to sit in the sun to fix his feathers after his daily plunge.

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  1. How Handsome Darryl is! Such a photographers delight with those beautiful colors! How lucky he is too, to have you for his human.